About Us


Lakeshore Creamery is an independent small business, which was born from an idea to offer an elegant and fun experience through the magic of ice cream. Started by two friends, Ryan and Tamer, who along with being high school teachers, have over 30 years of experience in the service industry. 

This idea of an ice cream parlour on vintage wheels came about from planning our own weddings, and thinking about what food our guests would love to eat and how we could entertain our guests with a memorable night. 

Inspired by weddings we had attended in the UK, we thought to ourselves why not combine both great entertainment and delicious food, and the idea of Lakeshore Creamery was born.


Our beautifully constructed and styled old fashioned ice cream tricycles are a unique centerpiece for any occasion, and can even be customized to suit your event and needs. 

Our wide range of premium ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, and other frozen treats will be sure to cater to all your guests, and while being served by one of our uniformed servers it will also surely be an experience they will remember. 

Whether celebrating a wedding, birthday, corporate function, or party, let our retro chic ice cream tricycles, serve as a fantastic source for delicious treats and one of a kind photo opportunities. Equipped with wicker basket and market-style umbrella, as well as a blackboard menu, toppings stand and traditionally dressed ice cream servers, and constructed from gorgeous stained hardwood maple, our classic tricycles add to the beauty of your event in any outdoor or indoor space.


We are passionate about being the perfect partner for your event, and we have built our tricycles, and selected our many ice creams and frozen treats, to reflect the thoughtfulness we hold when working with you for your special occasion. 

Lakeshore Creamery currently operates year round in Toronto and the GTA, but we are always happy to travel further for your special event. We take great pride in working with all our clients for any occasion, to bring back memories of a classic time and make sure your event is as sweet to you and your guests, as our ice cream is to eat.

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